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This blog is a nsfw gay furry blog I will be on posting at night. (Request and submits are fine. Note I will try to fufill request but may not sometimes) also if u like. Hey there! This blog's for all those yiff lovers like me out there. I post as often as I can and take up whatever requests you send me. My Kik is also foxmilkshake if. Let me see My name? I go by many names, such as, Anubis, Bailey, Pup. I like all of them. I also like the furry fandom. I guess thats kind of obvious ain't it? I'm a furry, a gamer, and gay. Clean Furry Fuzzbutts by cleanfurryfuzzbutts. Yiff casino 440 gay by ailededragon Reblogged 5 months ago from furrymut Originally from Bear Furry's And More by thefurrybear. Powered by Tumblr Free Naturschutzgebiete brandenburg Themes. YIFF THE LION MAN by hickeybickeyboo. I don't take credit for the furry drawings, I just reblog what I like and see. Reblogged 2 weeks ago from lukahusky Originally from gentlebunny. Facebook Twitter Google Tumblr. Pride Bunny Yiff by pride-bunny-yiff. Alex's Glowing Nipples by nipple-night-light. Your browser is ancient! Just Pony Things by gay-pony-trash. Cub Furry by cub-furry. Sexy men that are just Tummy time by strawberryshrimpus. NSFW Blog by gayyiffart.

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Why Are Most Furries Gay? (Or Are They?) Bara, Beef, Butts - my 3B! Male Furrys by malefurry. My Yiff And Comics by imveryfuury. DATS GAY by dats-gay. None of this stuff is mine, obviously. gay furry blog

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After a failed attempt to escape from that damn dome , Jed ends sell and sent to a strange empire, where every month they opens the game arena, where slaves can gain a chance to get free, fighting in ridiculous and humiliating conditions for the audience entertainment…. Fenicore's Butt Blog by fenicore. My Kik is also foxmilkshake if you're up for a chat: Pride Bunny Yiff by pride-bunny-yiff. Naughty Femboy by gay-furry-femboy HELIX STUDIOS by helixstudios.